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Ask us about the most convenient way to protect your eyes.  Find out the latest technology and brand-name eyewear available to meet your needs, including:

▪ Thin and lightweight lens materials for optimal comfort and safety

▪ Multifocal lenses including progressives (no-line), bifocal and trifocals

▪ Anti-reflective coatings to eliminate distracting glare

▪ Transition lenses, which automatically adjust to changing light and block harmful UV and glare

▪ Polarized lenses, cut 100% glare and block harmful UV rays, great for outdoor sports and occupations

▪ Prescription goggles for all sport enthusiasts

▪ Latest in contact lens technology and options.

▪ Free adjustment and cleaning to all. We advise getting your glasses adjusted once every 2 months.​​


Contact lens fittings can be finalized for all specific eye care needs such as: Spherical fittings, Toric (Astigmatism) fittings, MonoVision fittings, Bifocal fittings, and specialty RGP fittings*

*Please note that not all contact lens fitting services are covered by insurance and may require additional fees.

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