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March 20, 2018

Dear patients and friends:


For those who still want to see Dr.Phan at her Houston location, we welcome you and look forward to seeing you over there.  However, your medical records will not be merged until MARCH 30, 2018.  So if you must be seen prior to that date just remember, your records will not be there and you must fill out all paper work and insurances again.  Though I'm sure Dr. Phan remembers everyone, she may not remember everyone's prescriptions.  Therefore, we recommend you bring all your glasses and contact lens boxes when you go see her in Houston location. Reminder, Houston location is exam only location, which means you, can take your prescription to an optical you like.

When making appointment at the Houston office, please remember to ask staff that you want to make an appointment with Dr. Phan.  Dr. Phan will only be there on certain dates; she is there every Tuesdays and Thursday, alternating Friday and Saturday and (until March 13, 2018) all Wednesday..

Secondly, many patients are inquiring where to refer them.  I am still in the processing of securing an optometrist to take over the medical files and that way you can just go to them for the rest of your eye care needs, if you do not want to drive over to Houston location.

However, you may still obtain copies of your medical records via email.  There is a $25 charge that you can pay via PayPal or Chasepay.  Please reply to email if you want your medical records, we will have instructions and links to pay via PayPal or Chasepay. We will require a payment prior to us sending electronic medical records to you.  It will be password protected so that it is safe and HIPAA compliant. Also, please let us know when you do pay because all SL accounts are not monitor daily.  

Thirdly, if you need a copy of you prescriptions, here are the following ways to obtain it.

1) FAX to optical or another eye doctor's office. 
We CANNOT FAX to you. Fax feature may take several days to get completely because the office is currently set up at Dr. Phan home and she only have staff working twice a week to monitor this email.  We CANNOT EMAIL RX to you as well, per HIPAA regulations.

You can pick up RX any time after March 30, 2018 at the Houston location:

Perfect Vision Associates
9555A South Post Oak Rd. 
Houston, TX  77096

Fourth, we still have surplus of SPHERICAL CONTACTS that we need to sell at cost. We will send out a list soon. If your contacts’ RX is Toric or Astigmatism, this promo isn't for you. So you do not need to call or email us.  If you contacts prescription is spherical for 

Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Vita, Air optix, Biofinty, Dailies Aqua Comfort, Acuvue 1 day

We may have stock in your powers.

Be on the lookout for the email soon.

Lastly, the 281-242-2946 number will still be active until April 1, 2018 just in case you need to reach us for anything.  After April 1st this number will be disconnected.  Please leave a message so we can get back to you ASAP.
You may also reach us at pvaeyecare@gmail.com. Information may also be found at www.pvaeyecare.com. Please remember, because SL location is close, we had to set up a home office at Dr. Phan's house.  Emails are not monitor daily because there is not staff to monitor them.  Please be patient, Dr. Phan or someone will check emails once or twice a week and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for trusting in Perfect Vision and for having chosen me as your primary eye care doctor. It has been my pleasure and honor to serve you. I wish you continued health and wellness.

Kindest regards,
Haotam Tami Phan, OD

 It is with a heavy heart and mixed emotions that we are announcing the closing of our clinic on December 31,  2017.  It has been a privilege and great joy providing for your eye care needs in the past 13 yrs.
  Please visit us at Meyerpark store.

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